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Inverter air Conditioner Controller(outdoor machine)

Inverter air Conditioner Controller(outdoor machine)


Inverter air Conditioner Controller(outdoor machine)

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●Compressors, outdoor unit, four-way valves, electronic expansion valves and auxiliary heat control, single cooling/heating universal
●General Control of 26GW, 35GW and 50GW
●Switching power supply scheme, low power consumption, reliable operation and long service life
●150VAC-265VAC wide-range working Voltage
●Low Noise and smooth speed control of internal fan
●Detection and protection of sensor, rotation rlockage, overtemperature and defrosting
●Self-cleaning function
●Energy-saving, compressor speed can be controlled according to environmental requirements, starting current is only 15% of the conventional.
●Precise temperature control, when the cooling (heating) temperature is close to the set value, control the working frequency of the compressor to reduce the speed.
●Low noise, press adopts double-rotor compressor to reduce cyclotron unbalance and vibration of machine
●Fast tempearature adjusting by micro-computer and lectronic expansion valve.
●Strong applicability for use environment, wide voltage requirement can work at 150-265V, wide use environment, can work at - 15-42 degrees of ambient temperature.
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